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Locata’s Inventions

The critical components of Locata’s technology include:

LocataLite A transceiver device that is deployed in networks that replicate all of a GPS constellation’s functions – but locally and on the ground. A LocataLite currently transmits CDMA on 2 frequencies within the 2.4 GHz ISM band and from 2 spatially separated antennas, producing 4 usable ranging signals. However, LocataLites can be designed to broadcast notionally at any frequency, or at any power deemed appropriate for a specific application.
LocataNet A terrestrial network of synchronised LocataLites – operating outdoors, indoors or in combination – providing highly accurate positioning signals that enable a wide range of applications including indoor logistics and warehousing.
TimeLoc A patented wireless synchronisation methodology that achieves nanosecond accuracy.  Timeloc can be cascaded to multiple LocataLites in a local or wide area network of virtually any scale (autonomous, internal self-synchronisation).
A mobile receiver whose output replicates the same Position, Navigation and Time (PNT) information as a GPS, GLONASS or Galileo receiver.
VRay A revolutionary antenna designed for indoor and outdoor industrial applications providing:
• Low-precision “Coarse” Solution: ~ 1/2 metre;
• High-precision Carrier-Phase Solution: ~ 2-3 cm
• Autonomous 3D Orientation indoors (using a single antenna): ±1 degree
• Time Transfer (at Locata Rover): < 100 ns