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Locata Rover Interface Control Document

A LocataNet includes a Terrestrial Segment and a User Segment.  There is no separate control segment.  The Terrestrial Segment includes a number of LocataLite transceivers located within or around a defined service area.  The User Segment includes any number of fixed or moving Locata Rovers operating within the service area, deriving locations and time within the area using signals emitted by the LocataLites in the Terrestrial Segment.  LocataNets can span areas as large as thousands of kilometres in extent, being for the most part limited only by the availability of adequate line-of-sight geometries between the various elements of the LocataNet.  With adequate signal power, working networks have demonstrated LocataLite-Rover operating ranges of over 100 kilometres.

LocataNets can adopt any convenient coordinate reference system, including WGS-84, or other global, regional, local or custom grids.

Overall, the LocataNet concept is derived from the Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS).  Many of its underlying elements therefore are similar to GPS.  The LocataLites assume the same role as GPS satellites, and the Locata Rover operates much like a GPS receiver.  Position and time calculations for the most part use techniques similar to those of GPS.  Given these similarities and the likely familiarity of many readers with GPS, Locata’s ICD presents the LocataNet system interface in the same overall form as used by the GPS Interface Control Document – IS-GPS-200E, Reference 1.

Locata Rovers use the fine time definition supplied by the pseudo-random spreading codes impressed on LocataLite transmitted signals (along with data supplied by a data overlay on those signals) for calculating position and time using techniques well known to GPS users.

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