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What area does a LocataNet cover?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

LocataNets are being operated today to cover vastly different ranges, such as:

  1. Small indoor warehouse, 30 m x 15 m;
  2. Locata’s main test facility, which covers 300 acres, with the largest distance between LocataLite transmitters being on the order of 2.5 km;
  3. Open-cut mines over 5 km in diameter;
  4. Large industrial sites; and
  5. Deployments for the US military (in “GPS-denied environments”), with the largest LocataNet deployed to date (2014) covering approx. 6,500 square km.

It should be clear from the above that Locata systems can be deployed to cover literally any area – from a room to a large strategic area. Locata’s network design parameters are extremely flexible and highly configurable for any project.