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What are some applications of Locata technology?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Locata allows any entity – mine, construction site, port, warehouse, airport, strategic asset — and eventually entire cities – to determine for itself the level of positioning it wishes to deploy, under its OWN autonomous LOCAL CONTROL.   In other words, in any current application where GPS-style positioning is desired — but GPS is either “unreliable,” inaccurate or unavailable — then Locata may supply a complementary solution.

However, Locata also represents an innovative and previously unattainable solution for many new applications that are out of the reach of GPS-style solutions. The easiest ones to grasp are indoor applications such as automating indoor warehousing. But there are obviously many other applications based around providing highly-reliable and configurable positioning in GPS-occluded areas. It will be fascinating to watch the large number of innovative applications that Locata-style positioning will enable in the future.