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Does Locata provide a common clock that all receivers can sync with?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Yes. Locata’s current system design generally designates one of the LocataLite transceivers as a “master clock” and, assuming a standard LocataNet network configuration, all other LocataLites and Locata receivers in that network lock to that time base.

There are topologies in the design of a LocataNet that can be used to overcome line-of-sight obstacles between the master LocataLite and other transceivers in a LocataNet (such as “cascading” TimeLoc from LocataLite A to B to C, etc) but those systems can become complex and are not covered in this FAQ.

In another regularly-used TimeLoc variant, a LocataNet to be “locked to GPS time” (or any other time base reference) if that is a customer requirement.  In this way, a LocataNet can distribute UTC time, or any other time reference (e.g. an atomic clock reference) throughout the local network.