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Does Locata positioning require correction or augmentation by other networks?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

No.  Locata navigation positions are generated by a “carrier-phase single-point solution”. Locata can achieve positioning accuracy without requiring any external augmentation, differential correction or other information input to the Locata receiver.

Survey-grade GPS technology is also able to deliver centimetre-level carrier-phase positioning, but not as a “single-point solution”.  To obtain high precision positioning from GPS, surveyors require access to other complex, additional technologies, such as reference receivers that are pre-deployed and surveyed into known positions, differential correction networks and communication data links that transmit corrections to an end-user.  These additional systems remove the large errors in the standard (i.e. uncorrected) GPS system position solution.  Professional survey-grade GPS receivers cost up to US$10,000, and therefore are not affordable for general consumer use.