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Do you eventually see commercial GPS receivers being able to receive and use Locata signals?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Locata is already regarded by its key technology partners as “another independent positioning constellation” that — locally — is just as important and valid as the satellite-based constellations. Locata signals are very similar to GPS signals and can therefore be incorporated into future GPS-style receivers just as easily as any other constellation and similar to the way GLONASS has been integrated into most professional receivers over the past few years.

As described above, Leica Geosystems has already produced the world’s first GPS+Locata Receiver by integrating Locata receivers with NovAtel receivers in a single enclosure for deployment in its open cut mining application, Jigsaw Positioning System – Powered by Locata (“Jps”). The results reported by the mines since the first Leica LocataNet became operational in mid-2012 have been spectacular, both in terms of efficiency gains and financial return to the owners. A detailed white-paper reporting on the Boddington Mine installation highlighting the results was printed in the September 2012 issue of International Mining Magazine.

In Leica’s revolutionary new JPS receiver, Locata’s positioning data and NovAtel’s GPS positioning data have been integrated at the measurement level in the core algorithm library.  That is, the JPS receiver computes a position either using signals received from GPS satellites alone, from LocataLites alone – or critically – by using signals from both the satellite and Locata systems.  To the end user this process is totally seamless and transparent.

The world-first JPS receiver heralds a new class of positioning receiver which Locata calls “GPS 2.0”.  It’s a technological advance which allows the deep integration into new devices of satellite and terrestrial positioning signals – GPS+Locata – that leverage the strengths of each system to produce a seamless and ubiquitous positioning solution across any area where it is required. GPS everywhere.

This is the future of positioning. And it’s enabled by Locata’s spectacular advance in positioning technology.