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Introducing Locata’s VRay Orb 80 Antenna Technology

Locata’s new VRay multi-element antenna, along with Locata’s revolutionary digital correlator technology, enables unprecedented performance for positioning in difficult indoor and outdoor environments.  In areas where multipath has made it almost impossible for other RF-based positioning technologies to work, VRay technology delivers unprecedented accuracy and reliability.

The video below is in two parts:

Part 1:   How Locata’s VRay Technology works (00:00 – 07:00)

This basic animation was created specifically to explain RF problems created by multipath and Locata’s VRay solution. The animation shows the first proof-of-concept 2D, 64-element antenna Locata’s engineers prototyped in 2011.

David Small’s VRay invention delivers new capabilities that, frankly, look like pure “science fiction” to many RF engineers.


Part 2:   A First Look at the New 3D VRay Orb 80 Antenna (07:00-09:00)

A “quick & dirty” iPhone video of the first time the VRay Orb 80 3D antenna became operational on 5 February 2013.

This basketball-sized antenna is designed for use in applications such as automated industrial warehouses and container terminals where multipath effectively “kills” other radio-positioning systems. The Vray antenna produces more than 2.5 million individually steered beams per second, as it switches through 80 elements every 100 microseconds.

Many other VRay antennas are under development, including smaller, more flexible or differently shaped form factors. The USAF is even designing a version that could be built into soldiers’ helmets.

Welcome to the future of GPS 2.0!

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