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Sydney Satellites Project

Filling in the “holes” in GPS PNT

Locata has partnered with the University of New South Wales’ (UNSW) School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NSW Land and Property Information Division, Sydney Ports Corporation, and Roads and Maritime Services to test the potential for Locata’s technology to provide high-accuracy positioning to NSW government agencies, such as police and emergency services, in Sydney’s CBD where “urban canyon” effects and multi-path mitigates RTK-GPS.

Phase One of the trial was conducted on Sydney Harbour in September and October, 2012. Signal quality and basic positioning tests were conducted in Sydney’s Farm Cove. A survey vessel provided by Sydney Ports Corporation equipped with high precision RTK-GPS, an Applanix inertial navigation system and a Locata Rover ran a series of survey lines in and out of Farm Cove and out to Kurraba Point on the north shore of Sydney Harbour (a distance of approx 2 km) recording both GPS and Locata positioning data at 10 Hz.

The Royal Australian Navy’s School of Hydrography and the Australian Hydrographic Office were observers at the main positioning trial in October.

A team from UNSW and Locata post-processed the data recorded and compared the results with positioning data recorded by CORSNet GPS and the Applanix POS MV inertial navigation system aboard the MV Port Explorer.

NSW Chief Surveyor, Paul Harcombe, presented a paper (see Downloads below) on the results of the Phase One trials at the Spatial@Gov Conference held in Canberra on 20-22 November, 2012.  The paper showed that in comparison with high-precision GPS, Locata produced a horizontal accuracy of 4.4 cm (2D RMS Error (95%)).

A detailed report on Phase One of the Sydney satellites Project was delivered to the NSW state government in  early 2013.

Videos of four key presentations made at the 2012 Spatial@Gov Conference (including the video of NSW Chief Surveyor Paul Harcombe’s presentation) can be found here…

NSW Land & Property Information Division’s web page on Locata Sydney Satellites Project can be found here…