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Locata Launches in China

25 November 2014

Commencing with a Keynote Presentation (see below) to a packed theatre at ChinterGeo 2014 in Nanchang (the capital of Jiangxi Province in south-eastern China), Locata’s CEO Nunzio Gambale announced an important new commercial partnership in China with GIS industry specialist, iSpatial Co Ltd and with CGEOS, a Brussells-based GIS consultant and project management company headed by ex-Leica senior executive, Joël van Cranenbroëck.

Together, Locata, iSpatial and CGEOS will commence promoting and commercializing Locata’s technology across China, initially focusing on the structural deformation monitoring of a number of extremely large bridges and dam structures in many parts of China.

In a visit that lasted over 3 weeks, Mr. Gambale met with a number of China’s senior GNSS bureaucrats at both Provincial and National levels.  High-level discussions were also hosted by many of China’s BeiDou chip manufacturers, where Mr. Gambale briefed their technical teams on the advantages gained by their products when Locata’s terrestrial signals are combined with those provided by the Chinese BeiDou satellite constellation. Locata is looking forward to forging strong commercial, mutually beneficial relationships with Chinese partners as Locata networks start to be deployed in China.

The following is Nunzio’s Keynote Presentation (in both Mandarin and English) to ChinterGeo 2014 in Nanchang on October 27:


Locata’s Commercial Partners in China


iSpatial Co Ltd are GIS experts specialising in deformation monitoring in China. The company has offices in nine Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai.


CGEOS has managed the GIS requirements of some of the worlds’ tallest towers during their construction including the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  CGEOS’ founder,  Joël van Cranenbroëck, was also responsible for the design and installation of a number of major national GNSS infrastructure systems in China during the past decade.