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Locata in xyHt Magazine

xyHt Magazine (previously called Professional Surveyor) has just published a comprehensive front cover article on Locata.

It is one of the most wide-ranging articles ever written about Locata. The magazine’s editor, Gavin Schrock, has been tracking our technology for over two and a half years and has conducted multiple interviews with my team, our current customers, and some of our new business partners. The Locata system at the Boddington Gold Mine in Western Australia is well-covered in the article, as are some of our more important customers.

xyHt Magazine has called the article “It’s About Time” as a double-edged reference to:

  • Locata’s revolutionary TimeLoc synchronization technology which creates our new positioning network capability; and
  • The magazine’s belief that “it’s about time” the industry acknowledges the impact our increasing number of inventions is having on the next generation of radio-positioning systems.

The xyHt front cover states: “Locata is about to profoundly change the world of positioning, navigation and timing”.  I obviously agree with this view.  It is very gratifying to see that the picture I’ve been trying to convey to our industry over the years is now independently advocated by some of our peers.

I hope you have time to read this article (via the download link below) as it reinforces the opportunity Locata represents to companies who wish to bring totally new solutions to extremely difficult radio-positioning environments.

~Nunzio Gambale
CEO, Locata Corporation