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The world’s first
GPS+Locata receiver

Leica’s Combined Receiver Now Shipping to Customers Worldwide

Leica Geosystems’ new Jps Combined Receiver (GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+Locata) gives Locata signals the same status as the satellite signals. The world now has its third fully operational GPS-style constellation… GPS  GLONASS  LOCATA.

The Jps Receiver was developed over four years by Leica’s engineers in  Heerbrugg, Switzerland.  Working in close collaboration with Locata’s engineering team in Canberra, Leica’s engineers have added Locata signals to their Core Algorithm Library (CAL), integrating Locata’s signals deep in their Kalman Filter as “another constellation” – giving the world its first true GPS+Locata receiver.

This GPS+Locata receiver is the first device to show the power of GPS 2.0 – Locata’s vision of the future of positioning where “satellite+terrestrial” signals are seamlessly combined to produce a better, more robust positioning solution.

Leica is now shipping this new combined receiver to its international mining customers, following extensive field testing at Newmont’s Boddington Gold Mine in Western Australia.

The trials at Boddington proved conclusively that Locata’s high accuracy positioning technology embedded in Leic’a Jps system provided an unprecedented 96%-98% positioning availability at the bottom of both North and South Pits, with very significant gains in productivity.  As a consequence, Newmont has mandated that all high precision machines at Boddington are to be fitted with Jps.

Brendon Lilly + Boddington Mine Jps Team

Four members of the Boddington Gold Mine team in Western Australia that integrated Leica Geosystems’ new GPS+Locata Combined Receiver into the Jigsaw Positioning System (Jps), a high precision guidance system developed by Leica as a Fleet Management System (FMS) for open pit mines.   L to R: John Maitland (Chief Surveyor, Boddington), Brendon Lilly (Locata Product Manager, Leica Geosystems), John Carr (Snr FMS Technical Specialist, Boddington), James Earl (FMS Manager, Boddington)

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