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John Carr (Newmont Mining) and Dr Brendon Lilly (Leica Geosystems),
HxGN Live Conference Presentation, Las Vegas, June 2013

No-one speaks louder or more clearly about a product than a customer.

This video, recorded at the HxGN Live Conference Las Vegas in June 2013, shows a presentation made by John Carr, a senior Fleet Management Systems engineer at Newmont Mining, and Dr. Brendon Lilly, Leica Geosystems.

It presents information about the world’s first commercial installation of a Locata network at Newmont’s Boddington Gold Mine in Western Australia.  John Carr presents the mine’s independent analysis of the stunning improvement to efficiency and profitability that the Locata-enabled machines have brought to their mining operation.  Both John and Brendon have had extensive experience in developing and deploying the new Jps – Powered by Locata technology at Boddington. Jps is the brand name of the Fleet Management System product developed by Leica Geosystems for open pit mines, which features Locata positioning as the core enabling technology.

It is quite instructive to hear what John Carr, a 25-year mining industry veteran, has to say about the way the Locata system has literally changed his work life, and the way the mine operates.

John Carr’s comments are typical of the customer praise now being expressed for Locata–enabled devices.

Why is John so clearly passionate about what has happened for him and his team at Boddington since the Locata system was installed? It’s plain and simple – these early adopters are the first to directly experience Locata technology breakthroughs for themselves. At their mine site. With no marketing filters, and in the real world.

They now UNDERSTAND the addictive power of the next-generation GPS capability Locata has pioneered almost single-handedly. When users first get access to seamless satellite+terrestrial positioning systems – which Locata calls GPS 2.0™ – they quickly realize it’s a game-changer. And once they experience the power and reliability of GPS 2.0, there is NO WAY they will “go back” to the past of just relying on GPS alone.

Wait until Locata evolves the capability to do this across an entire city in the coming years!

This is NOT your father’s GPS.

Welcome to the future.