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Institute of Navigation 2013 Keynote Speech

USA’s Institute of Navigation GNSS+ Conference 2013

Why has the “plus” suddenly appeared after 30 years or more of being “just GPS/GNSS”?

This is the first clear public acknowledgement by the GPS industry of the growing recognition that satellite-based systems are simply not good enough any more. GPS signals are now either very unreliable – or totally non-existent – for mobile apps in an increasing number of modern settings, from crowded downtown’s to industrial automation settings to UAV’s to anywhere indoors. Combine these problems with the world’s addiction and growing dependency on utterly reliable positioning and satellite-based time distribution, and something just has to change. New thinking is desperately needed.

Locata has invented a completely new positioning technology to solve this growing GPS availability problem. Locata creates terrestrial wireless networks that function as “a local ground-based replica of GPS”.  There is no other technology that can do this. Locata technology can be thought of as a local “GPS hotspot” which fills in the GPS holes with something which looks exactly the same as GPS to a user’s receiver, be it surveyor or mobile phone user.

Reinventing GPS is not a trivial exercise, nor a challenge for the faint-hearted. Locata’s passion to single-handedly transform wireless positioning for the 21st Century demanded the invention of a slew of radically new and unprecedented technologies. It’s a technology advance which the industry did not think was possible, and it’s a game-changer. After 20 years of development, Locata has now started to roll out this technology advance through powerful and influential partners.

This is a video of the the Keynote Address given by Nunzio Gambale, Locata’s CEO, to the 2013 US Institute of Navigation Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  Nunzio confronts the whole GPS industry (and all other national navigation satellite system providers) with the fact that they are the ones responsible for “disseminating misleading information which has suckered the entire world into believing the GPS-style signals will work as advertised”. The amazing success of GPS now impacts everything from the largest scale military and industrial deployments to helping you find the nearest ATM with your cell phone.

Governments, industry, and consumers have all grown critically dependent upon easy access to positioning. Every day, as GPS has evolved into a cheap commodity far removed from its military roots, engineers everywhere keep creating a profusion of new ways to bake this capability into extraordinarily compelling industrial and consumer uses.

And that’s the problem.

The military system designed in the 1970’s and which the world now knows as GPS was NEVER designed for modern consumer and mobile applications. Therefore, how can it be expected to deliver what consumers and industry want now and into the future… or more correctly… MUST have?

Nunzio Gambale explains that the world now needs something better than just a GPS, and that his team of engineers has worked intelligently and diligently over many years “to create the technology which will now pull us out of the hole GPS has gotten us into”.

Locata is the disruptive new technology which can “fill the myriad GPS holes” and extend wireless positioning into all the areas and applications modern consumers and industry need. The world must now have superbly reliable SATELLITE+TERRESTRIAL positioning to create one seamless, integrated system. It is a solution that will allow a user to move between the satellite and ground-based positioning signals, yet never know the difference. Gambale calls this GPS 2.0… the next generation of GPS-type positioning that can actually deliver on the promise of “GPS everywhere”. That is exactly the technology advance which the Locata team has painstakingly developed.

Locata is the world-first development that can locally fill  GPS positioning holes with something that looks exactly the same as the signals from the $40 billion GPS satellite constellation. In doing this Locata is overturning the belief which underpins an entire industry. By creating a satellite-free GPS Locata breaks all of the “rules” that until now defined what GPS actually is. Locata is the first and only technology that can do this, and it is a disruptive game-changer the industry never believed was possible.

Locata has changed the future of positioning…. forever.