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Economic Benefits of GNSS

ACIL Allen Consulting Report

This report on the economic benefits of GNSS technology and applications to Australia, was prepared by ACIL Allen Consulting for the Australian Government’s Space Coordination Office.  The report, which was published in June 2013,  provides an overview of economic and social benefits, experience, and prospects for the use of augmented GNSS in agriculture, mining, construction, utilities, surveying and land management, road transport, rail, maritime, and aviation activities.

Economic Benefits
Augmented GNSS services have delivered economic benefits to Australian industry through improvements in productivity and more efficient use of resources. On the basis of the findings of this report it is estimated that:

A copy of the ACIL Allen report can be downloaded via the link below.

Please note that Locata does not own the copyright in the ACIL Allen report.  Locata was not involved in its preparation. Locata does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the statements and the economic and statistical information contained in the report.