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The Company

Locata Corporation

Locata Corporation is a privately-owned Australian company with it’s headquarters in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.  Our United States office is based in Las Vegas along with a registered subsidiary company in Delaware.

Locata was incorporated in 1997 by David Small and Nunzio Gambale who had been developing a location based guide for visitors to Canberra, the nation’s capital.  The aim of their project was to build a device that would select and play from a library of audio visual files that would be triggered automatically by a GPS position.  This would allow tourists a running commentary as they visited various monuments, galleries and museums in Canberra.

It was this seminal experience that led to the realisation that GPS worked fine in open skies but was really problematic in urban areas and wasn’t available at all indoors.  David and Nunzio decided to “fix” the problem.  That was seventeen years ago. (Finding a solution to a very challenging problem took a little longer than expected.)

Today, Locata has a new radio-location technology (LocataTech) that gives precise positioning in many environments where GPS is either marginal or unavailable for modern applications. A network of terrestrially-based LocataLite transceivers transmit extremely well-synchronized signals, which creates a ground-based local replica of GPS. These signals form a positioning network called a LocataNet that operates in combination with GPS (e.g. open-cut mining) or operates totally independent of GPS (e.g. indoors or in urban areas).

Currently, Locata has 124 granted technology patents and dozens of additional patents in the pipeline.