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UNSW Tests Locata Indoor Positioning Technology

Friday, 17 January 2014

International Symposium on GNSS
Presentation by Chris Rizos, Yong Li, Wei Jiang
University of New South Wales
Istanbul, Turkey, 22-25 October 2013


Locata’s new VRay multi-element antenna, along with Locata’s revolutionary digital correlator technology, enables unprecedented performance for positioning in difficult indoor and outdoor environments.  In areas where multipath has made it almost impossible for other RF-based positioning technologies to work, VRay technology delivers unprecedented accuracy and reliability.

In Q3 2013, a research team led by Prof. Chris Rizos from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales (UNSW), carried out a series of indoor positioning tests with the VRay Orb 80 antenna to measure the positioning accuracy of the Locata system in a large steel-clad building.  The roof, walls and steel structural beams of the test building generated very significant multi-path for Locata’s radiopositioning signals.  It was in this difficult test environment that the positioning performance of the VRay antenna and a Locata Rover was compared against an extremely accurate truth reference provided by a laser-based Leica Total Station.

Test Results

The main results reported by UNSW are:

(a) Horizontal, 2D positioning accuracy when compared with the Leica Total Station (Slide 27):
Mean: 1.0 centimetres
RMS (95%): 1.5 centimetres

(b) Orientation difference (Slide 28):
Mean: 0.06 degrees
RMS (95%): 0.84 degrees


UNSW’s test results confirm that indoors, even in the most challenging multi-path environments, Locata achieves exceptional positioning accuracy for industrial machine control applications.  Further, the world-first ability of a single VRay Orb 80 antenna to also deliver orientation of < 1 degree, without using any form of inertial unit, shows Locata has outstanding potential as an enabling technology for high accuracy autonomous robots such as warehouse forklifts, and other unmanned vehicles used in autonomous logistics systems.

Download a PDF copy of UNSW’s Locata Indoor Positioning Presentation using the link below…