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Two Autonomous Vehicles Seek Safe Avoidance in Critical Tests

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Robot: Target on Its Back

Paul Perrone, Perrone Robotics, Inc, GPS World Magazine, 1 August 2013

A new state-of-the-art research center runs car-makers’ safety systems through their paces, in tandem with a soft-target robot that can be crash-impacted without adverse effects. Precise positioning and exact repeatability of test sequences are key criteria.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has undertaken a $30 million expansion project at its Vehicle Research Center (VRC) near Washington, D.C., enlarging and enhancing a state-of-the-art vehicle test track and building a new 700 x 300- foot (213 x 91-meter) covered track for weather-resistant testing.

The VRC will use new robotic and positioning technologies to achieve required levels of precision and repeatability for vehicle testing of frontal collision avoidance and other safety systems. Tests of both the same and different vehicles must be conducted under identical, controlled conditions for the results to have comparable fidelity.

Locata is a core technology in the solution being developed and installed by Perrone Robotics, the integrator primarily responsible for this cutting edge VRC upgrade project.

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