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Mines Assured of Uninterrupted and Precise Positioning

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Leica Geosystems Mining maintains that their Locata-enabled Jps nonstop positioning system greatly benefits machine automation in mining because Locata fills in the many gaps in GPS signal availability experienced in an open-cut mine. The Leica Jps ensures a reliable and transparent experience for users with demanding machine guidance applications because it utilizes all available signals, be they satellite-based or Locata, without interruption.

The Locata-based Jps is therefore the world’s first system which can justly be considered as “a backup for GPS.” Real-world operational performance which is being reported by Jps customers can only be described as “spectacular.” Newmont Boddington Gold mine recently published an independent article describing the LocataNet and Jps systems deployed for the mine’s drill rig fleet. It reported that drill rig up-time and efficiency have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels after the Jps system was recently commissioned.

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